The Hague

Planning a city trip to The Hague? We are here to make sure you get the most out of your city trip. Our motto is to make you feel home away from home. We keep you updated on everything that is going on in the city and the best places to go. From the famous places to the secret gems of the city.

The Hague has a lot to offer, from history to politics, from city vibes to the relaxing beach modus. The Hague is the heart of the government in The Netherlands and also the home of King Willem Alexander.

Located at the sea, The Hague has an 11 Kilometer beach and two seaside resorts. The most famous seaside resort is Scheveningen. Scheveningen is a seaside resort with lots to offer, diners with a view, music events, sports and lots more. Especially during the spring and summer, Scheveningen has lots of events. To keep up to date about all the events check out the events page.

The Dutch are known or lots of things, tulips, cheese, clogs and much more. One of the things we are also famous for is cycling, as we have more bikes than people and cycle more than 15 milliard kilometer a year. If you want to explore The Hague like a local, what better way than by bike? Interested in renting a bike, let us know through the contact page.

We also provide services so that you don’t have to worry about missing out or waiting in lines. Use the contact form for information. We are always looking and visiting places in the city so we can keep you up to date, so the site will be updated continuously.

The Hague
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