City Centre Shopping

There are a lot of options in the city for the shoppingfans. The city centre is the main shopping area. Every street in the city center has its own unique style and his own unique variety of stores.

Grote Marktstraat
The Grote Markt houses large and international shops like Zara, Media Markt (Saturn), Peek & Cloppenburg and lots more. The street also houses the newly opened Jaimy’s Italian restaurant and Belgian restaurant Rootz (with a wide variety of beers).

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The Spuimarkt is a modern shopping complex with a wide range of shops, restaurants, a cinema and a casino. In the complex, there is also a fitness club with a swimming pool. Multiple escalators and elevators will take you through the entire complex. Even the basement in the complex is used for two special supermarkets, Amazing oriental (Asian supermarket) and Ekoplaza (organic supermarket).

Spuistraat, Vlamingstraat, Venestraat & Wagenstraat (City Centre)
The Spuistraat and Vlamingstraat are the two large shopping streets. You can find a mix of large department stores and flagship stores of famous brands and Hague entrepreneurs. A few small side streets also offer nice shops and restaurants. While you are shopping also look up so you can enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Renaissance, Neo Renaissance and Jugendstil.

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Het Noordeinde
Besides Palace Noordeinde this street has a lot of shops, bars and restaurants. It houses shops like Hugo Boss, Riviera Maison, Claudia Sträter and more. It also is a nice place to stop for lunch or for a beer at the Irish bar O’Casey’s (Nominated for best Irish pub of Europe and four other categories).

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De Passage
Over 120 years old with 19th century showcases makes the Passage a unique place to shop. The indoor shopping passage is even worth a visit without shopping. In the center of the passage you will find a large dome which makes the place very bright. The floors are also a work of art on itself.
The passage has a large cooking store, shoe store and multiple places to enjoy a nice coffee or some good food.

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Haagsche Bluf
Four gates will give you access to the shopping area Haagsche Bluf. It is a small square with two fountains, trees and an atmospheric terrace. Inside the square you wouldn’t know you are in the busy city center of The Hague. Some facades are replaced by glass facades. One of those can turn into a podium, where from time to time there are small bands playing live music. On the first floor of the Haagsche Bluf is a restaurant with the same name, which has a large roof terrace to enjoy a drink in the sun with a few.

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The Hofkwartier is the Soho of The Hague. The Korzo Theater is centered in the middle of the Prinsestraat and is surrounded by special shops and trendy restaurants. In the small streets surrounding The Prinsestraat you will find unique shops, characteristic old cafés, organic lunchrooms. For a good night out you can visit The Oude Molstraat, which has a lot of bars and small clubs.
In the Prinsestraat you will also find a hidden church in the Idastraat. At the end of the Prinsestraat you can enjoy a peaceful walk or picnic in the Gardens of Palace Noordeinde.

Not only is the Denneweg one of The Hague’s oldest streets, it also houses a lot of small unique shops and galleries. The cafés and diners give you the opportunity to enjoy some drinks, coffee or a nice meal. The impressionable facades and the atmosphere gives you a taste of the history of the city.

The Boekhorststraat is a working-class neighborhood and shopping street. The street is an authentic Hague street with a surprising offer of little shops and their motivated entrepreneurs. You’ll find every kind of shop in this street, from carpets to vintage stores and vinyl, from fish stores to diners from various areas.
Behind the Boekhorststraat you will find the most famous liquor store in the city, Van Kleef Jenever & Liqueur. Van Kleef is not just a shop, it is also a Jenever museum. It was founded in 1842 and is one of the last operational companies that is still located at their original location. Craft, history and quality all come together in this store and museum.

Chinatown is a mixture of the Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian culture. The entrance is at the Wagenstraat next to the department store Bijenkorf. The entrance has a large Chinese entrance gate. Next to Asian restaurants and shops, you can visit an acupuncturist or enjoy a massage at one of the many massage parlors.