The square in front of the ‘Binnenhof’ is called ‘Buitenhof’. At ‘Buitenhof’ there are a few restaurants, a movie theater, a club and a Hotel. During the 14th century there was even a little zoo situated at the square. In the early days it was surrounded by a wall and it was only accessible through the prisoners gate and a small street that connected the square with ‘Dagelijkse Groenmarkt’. In 1814 there was a third entrance created         when they build the street called ‘Gravenstraat’. In 1885 ‘The Passage’ was build and created a fouth entry to the square. Because of the increasing traffic they tore down the houses that were build next to the prisoners gate, this made it possible to build a road.


In the early years they used to organize fairs in front of the ‘Binnenhof’. In 1887 they forbid the held the fair at this place, but during the 20th century they lifted the ban and up until this day there is an annual fair. This fair is held in the week before Kingsday and end after the celebration of Kingsday.


There are multiple restaurants located at ‘Buitenhof’. The first restaurant is McDonalds which don’t really needs an explanation. The second restaurant is ‘Havana’. Havana is a restaurant with an international kitchen. During the evening it is a restaurant, in the weekends it turns into a club after diner. It is a club in Cuban style and offers a lot of salsa nights.

Next to Havana’s is Popocatepetl, a Mexican restaurant which serves delicious enchiladas, tasty ribs and lovely desserts. They also serve a variety of cocktails to enjoy.

A Third restaurant located at the square is Vapiano’s. Vapiano’s is a worldwide concept and serves everything Italian for a good price. It is opened for lunch and dinner and it has a nice terras so you could enjoy your meal outside during those nice summer evenings.

The fourth restaurant is a modern-Asian restaurant, Umami, and it’s motto is Social Dining. The Umami-ingredients are inspired by the Asian kitchen and wants to bring people together by food and dinning. It is run by Michelin Chef Han Ji.