Hidden Gems

Every city has its hidden gems which usually only the locals know, until now! We will share our hidden gems with you, so you can get the best experience of our beautiful city.

Street Art
The Hague has a lot of small electricity houses that are located on the streets. The small houses are what we Dutch would say, a thorn in the eye, which comes down to hideous small houses. The Hague Street Art, the city museum and the city council came together with a new project. They came up with the idea of using street art to prevent illegal graffiti, – posters and vandalism. 2000 square meters of wall and electricity houses were painted by local, national and international artists, mostly in the Segbroek neighborhood. Now the neighborhood is like an open gallery for all to see. So technically it is not a hidden gem, but definitely worth to stroll around the neighborhood and enjoy the artwork.

Royal Ceremonies
Palace Noordeinde, Noordeinde 68, The Hague

In one of the most elegant streets of the city you will find Palace Noordeinde. A few Wednesdays mornings (09.25 – 10.10) a year the Palace has small ceremonies which can be seen from outside the Palace. When the city welcomes new ambassadors from all over the world they are welcomed with a small ceremony. During this ceremony, they will hand over their believe credentials to the king. In front of the Palace there will be the guards of honor and a military chapel situated. After an honor salute and the national anthem of the ambassadors’ nation there will be an inspection of the guards of honor. When the ambassadors leave there will be again an honor salute for the ambassadors.

Emma’s Court
Galileïstraat 36, The Hague

Emma’s court belongs on the list of hidden gems in the city. At the court there used to be a Patronage Building. With the help of grants the foundation of Emma’s Court bought the building. In 2010, they tore the building down and they build a beautiful public garden. The garden is maintained by the neighborhood. They frequently organize small musical performances and have a lot of other activities.

Date Event  
September 23 Neighborhood day Preparing the garden for the winter with some coffee and fruit pies (fruit from the garden is used in the pies).
October (14 – 22) Fall workshops For the kids, crafting with fall materials.
November 11 St. Martin celebration Stories, fire, lampions, Chocolate milk and Glühwein.
December 10 Christmas market Handmade Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, sausages and other good food and drinks.
January 1, 2018 New Year’s celebration New Years surprise with music.

Sunny Court
Laan van Meerdervoort 189 B, The Hague

Since 1977 Sunny Court has been a public court with a small playground for kids. In the old days, it used to be a Tennis court, they kept the name of the Tennis court (Sunny Court). The Laan van Meerdervoort is a large and busy street, but when you enter the Sunny Court you wouldn’t know it. The Sunny court is a city oasis with a lot of green and wooden playground equipment for the little ones.  A group of 10 to 12 people maintain the property and makes sure it is in good condition. Sculptor Paul van Laere works in the small atelier that is located in the Sunny Court. Around the corner of the entrance you will find Reinkenstraat, which is a small shopping street with also multiple restaurants.