Palace Noordeinde

Palace Noordeinde is the workplace of King Willem Alexander. It originated in the 16th century and was originally a homestead. During the 16th century it was expanded to a big house by Willem Goudt. The basement is the only thing that is left of the homestead. It has been used as a residence by multiple people, including Prince Frederik Hendrik, King Willem I.

In 1795 when the French invaded the country, King Willem I was forced to move his family to England. The ownership of the property than went to the Batavian Republic. Up untill this day the government still owns the property. After the French invasion the property was a winterhome for King Willem I. King Willem II didn’t use the property as a residence in the winter because he prevered Palace ‘t Loo. He did give the order to build the stalls for the royal horses.

When King Willem III married Queen Emma the Palace was used as e winterhome again and even Queen Elizabeth was born here.

After the palace was nearly destroyed in 1948 it was regularly used by the royal family. After a big restauration of the palace Queen Beatrix started to use the property as a workpalace. When she passed on the throne to her son King Willem-Alexander rin 2013 it became his workplace, up untill this day.

Paleis Noordeinde

Unfortunatly the palace isn’t open for tours. In 2016 they had a once in a lifetime tour through the palace, but it was also sold out in a couple of hours. The palace on the outsight is a sight to see and the gardens at the back a also open to the public. So even though the inside isn’t open for the public, it is still definitly worth a visit.