Peace Palace

The Hague is the city of peace (vrede) and justice (recht), we have over 200 international organizations dedicated to national and international security. The most famous and most photographed building in The Hague is the Peace Palace. The Peace Palace houses the International Court of the United Nations, The Hague Academy for International Law and other organizations. Its beautiful structure is the reason why it is the most photographed building in The Hague. The Palace is over a 100 years old and was designed by the French Architect Louis M. Cordonnier, who won the international contest for the design of the Palace. The beautiful gardens surrounding the building are designed by British Garden architect Thomas Hayton Mawson.

The visitors Centre is free to enter, but for a tour through the palace and a tour through the gardens need to be reserved. There aren’t many dates for a tour (Mostly July and August), but if you contact us, we can see if there are dates and tickets available during the period of your stay. Contact us here.