Kijkduin is a smaller beachresort and probably not as well known as Scheveningen, but is has a lot to offer. The resort is at the southside of the city and it has a small boulevard. During the years more and more beach clubs have been setting root here. It is in every way smaller than Scheveningen, but this is also the charm of Kijkduin. It has a small indoor shopping area and lots of restaurants on the boulevard, but also on the beach.

It is surrounded bij dunes and it is perfect for a nice walk of for cycling.

Celestial Vault
Also situated in Kijkduin is the Celestial Vault and the Panorama in the Dunes by James Turrell (1973, USA). Here you can lay back on the bench and enjoy a very nice few of the sky and stars (at night) in a dome.