Scheveningen Sightseeing

Scheveningen is The Hague’s largest seaside resort. It not only has a boulevard, but also a harbour. The boulevard on itself is a sight to see. Long beaches, lots of beachclubs/restaurants, attractions and even art on the boulevard.

The Pier 
The pier is the most famous attraction of Scheveningen. For a long time it was in a poor state, but over the last few years it has been renovated and it houses a lot of restaurants, suites and even a float centre to relax. For a bit more adrenaline and excitement you can bungyjump of off the Pier or zipline over the ocean. If that is a bit much, there is also a ferriswheel which will give you the best and most amazing view of the city and the ocean.

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The boulevard is about 2 kilomtres (+/- 1.2 miles) long. It is perfect for a nice stroll and enjoy the smells and sounds of the beach and ocean. At the north end of the boulevard are a few shops, restaurants and hotels. The restaurants are located on the boulevard, but also out on the beach during the summer. Also the famour ‘Kurhaus’ is located on the boulevard (although also accessable from the street). At the south end of the boulevard is The Hague Beach Stadium, which hosts a lot of sportingevents, including Beach Soccer, Pro Freestyle and more). There is also the possibility to practice various sports yourself.


Scheveningen has two connecting harbours. In the first harbour it is all about professional fishing. There are a few (fish)restaurants and a few shops. The second harbour is mainly for recreational use and has a lot of restaurants with a terras for an amazing view. For more information about Scheveningen harbour, see here.

The ‘Keizerstraat’ is the oldest shoppingstreet in Scheveningen. It has a lot of small shops and a lot of places to stop, relax and have something to drink or eat.

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