Every city has its clubs and bars, The Hague is no different. In the city center there are two mayor squares with a lot of bars and restaurants.

Grote Markt
The first one is Grote Markt. The Grote markt has 8 bars with each their own identity. There is Vavoom for the best cocktails, The Boterwaag for their variety of beers and the Zwarte Ruiter for the best live music. In friday and saturday there are open until 01.30 and Café Gabors until 06.00.

Just around the corner there is the ‘Paard’ it is a club and also has a café. They have a lot of live music, but also dancenights.

In July will be the opening of ‘Bleyenberg’. Which is a large place filled with a café, a coffeebar, meetingplace, concerthall and a rooftopbar!

‘t Plein
‘t Plein is the second large square in the city centre. Here you also have a lot of restaurants and bars. On fridays and saturdays they are open until 01.00, Millers and ‘The Haagsche Kluis’ are open till 04.00 on thursdays, fridays and saturdays.